For forty years and on two continents, I’ve helped thousands of mums and their partners have a positive birthing experience both in hospital and at home.

jan-300x300Throughout my experiences I’ve learned that some of the traditional ways still benefit us today, but being a medical professional, I wanted to understand how they worked.

Now to share my expertise as a midwife, clinician and aromatherapist, I have created this range of luxurious Motherlylove products to use at this exciting time of your life.

You can feel confident using our products. Each of our oils is from a specially selected supplier and chosen for its unique properties, then rigorously lab-tested for purity, quality and chemical composition. Our products are cruelty free and never tested on animals.

We work hard getting it right, so you can unwind, relax and just enjoy using our blends. The range includes beautiful fragrances to lift your spirits, carrier oils to hydrate and sooth, and constituents to pamper, energise and promote restful sleep.

Each and every oil we make is carefully developed with you and your baby’s well-being in mind.

And we’re happy to answer your questions: if you can’t find the information you need about our products on the website, feel free to get in touch.



Midwife, BSc (Hons) complementary therapies / aromatherapy. Founder of Motherlylove, mother and grandmother.