Case study 2: Relaxing and Healing Bath – Motherlylove Pamper Mum Relaxing Bath Oil

Now she can sit and enjoy her baby 

Jasmin’s* pregnancy  and the birth of her first child were healthy and normal, though as she’d  just left  all her family in India two months before giving birth in the UK, she and her paediatrician husband felt they were in it on their own.

After the birth  

A postnatal (postpartum) (prenatal)midwifery sister asked me to come and see Jasmin* after the birth of her son, in my role as a midwife and aromatherapist.  She had no known skin sensitivities, no history of medical or surgical problems, and all her pregnancy and antenatal care observations were normal. She had an epidural in labour, so apart from slight lower back pain during pregnancy, her entry into motherhood was relatively free of discomfort.

After the birth, however, she suffered greatly from the episiotomy she’d received during labour. As helpful as her husband was, there was nothing he could do to help relieve the pain in her perineum.

The pain was intense and was interfering with her ability to enjoy the precious first days of motherhood. Sitting down only aggravated the very tender wound, but also meant she was unable to relax and breastfeed her baby due to the pain ‘down below’. She allowed me to examine her, and I found that the area was healing. For some relief I recommend an aromatherapy bath with lavender and cypress oils, and she was happy to try it.

A bath

Jasmin needed a combination of essential oils which would help her to relax as well as to assist with her healing, so I prepared an Aromatherapy bath of lavender and cyprus. To make sure the essential oils dispersed in the bath water, I prepared these in a tablespoon of milk.

Jasmin slipped away for her bath, and later said she’d enjoyed the fragrances and found the bath soothing and relaxing. She seemed more peaceful, and told us that her perineum felt more comfortable and less painful. The bath therapy also gave Jasmin more independence and confidence to care for her baby and deal with her birth experience. She continued with the aromatherapy bath treatment every day for 2 weeks.

Happy mum

A week after Jasmin was discharged from her midwife, I phoned Jasmin at home to check on her. She was clearly happy and confident, and was excited as she’d just heard that her parents were flying over from India. She said the aromatherapy bath had helped her to relax during the healing, and that she and the baby were well.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality

Please inform the midwife or doctor, when you are using complementary therapies.

The science 

All these essential oils were blended harmoniously for being appropriate in pregnancy, effectiveness and quality for postnatal (postpartum) perineal pain .

The lavender and cypress were chosen because of their pharmacological action to ease pain, encourage healing, soothe swelling and to promote relaxation to enable sleep.

Jan Bastard BSc. (Hons) complementary therapy/aromatherapy, RN, RM, Anaesthetic Diploma, IAIM.