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Exercise during pregnancy is good for both you and baby! by FittaMamma

Exercise during pregnancy by walking. Photo courtesy of Fittamamma

Exercise during Pregnancy Has pregnancy motivated you to embrace a healthier lifestyle in readiness for your new baby?    Eating well, choosing the right foods, avoiding alcohol and caffeine and including regular exercise in your daily routine are all positive steps to benefit your health and the healthy development of your baby. Whilst you might be offered […]

Top tips for photographing your new baby in hospital/ home by Photographer Jess Wilkins

Newborn Photograph

Remember to pack your camera If you are expecting and packing your hospital bag or planning your home birth.  I urge you to include a camera, memory card & batteries on that list. The moment your baby enters the world your life changes, it is amazing. I love looking back on the first photos of […]

Stress when Pregnant! Helpful expert advice for you

Why reduce stress and anxiety during pregnancy? Women often feel anxious or stressed when pregnant. When being over anxious all the time the stress can affect the baby’s emotional development and wellbeing. This begins right from the start of your pregnancy. An overload of the stress hormone – cortisol – can cross from the mother’s […]

Pregnant? Worried about Perineal tears? Great Tips for you.

Great Tips you can use to reduce perineal tears. When pregnant your body begins to get ready for the birth of your baby, hormones (progesterone and relaxin) are softening your ligaments, muscles, perineum and pelvic floor, so they can stretch. Studies have shown that over 85% of ladies who have a normal birth suffer from […]

“You’re glowing!” – The glamours (or not) of pregnancy

Don’t get me wrong, nobody could be more chuffed or proud to be pregnant and carrying a precious child than I am. However, as much as I anticipated breezing through nine months of growing a small human with all the grace of a true Earth Mother, what I resemble now is closer to a very ungainly […]

“Swallowed the Breadfruit”

“Oh-oh-oh, so you caught da calypso fevah?!”, closely followed by “Excellent! You swallowed the breadfruit…”. There is a saying in Barbados when a woman falls pregnant – they say she has “swallowed the breadfruit”! As you can probably envisage, a breadfruit is a large, round fruit that looks something like a melon.

Pregnant? Natural aromatherapy oils for your skin care

Your skin cells are increasing at an incredible rate to accommodate for your change in body shape. Moisturising and nourishing your skin with pure natural carrier oils will keep a healthy glow and allow the skin  to be supple and  stretch. Pregnancy and Skin Today’s  busy life style is very stressful at times and especially […]