Down Below Perineum Massage Oil                from Hollie Kenningham

The down below oil I used from about 34 weeks, I gave birth to a 8lb 1 baby with no tears no stitches and just a few grazes. I am sure it was down to the oil that I did not tear.

Down Below Perineum Massage Oil        from  Linz Goodbun

Just wanted to say how effective ‘down below’ was for my pregnancy. I gave birth on the 24th November to my little girl who was 3 weeks early. I had been using ‘Down Below’ and as a result I did not need any stitches with only the tiniest of tears. As I had some left over I have now past the bottle on to my sister-in-law to be for her pregnancy. I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

Down Below Perineum Massage Oil        from Suzy Giles

This was something I didn’t do first time round and it made a huge difference to me using the Motherlylove down below perineal oil, which made the whole area feel a lot softer and more prepared for child birth! This time I got away with just a small tear which was a great improvement on last time.

Down Below Perineum Massage Oil                     from Elke Mayer (midwife in Germany)

Dear Jan,

First about time I report back on your perineal massage oil, I have given it to 3 women.

All three women started using it around 36/40 and all three had a normal delivery (SVD). Two had a 2nd´tear and one just grazes. All three liked the oil. So all in all a good feed back.