Due Date Pregnancy & Labour Massage Oil            from Claire Hall

This massage oil is divine. It’s fragrance is not overpowering – yet strong enough that its aroma remains on the skin for many hours after the massage. This oil is lovely to use and is absorbed well into the skin being as it is made from natural and not synthetic oils. I always feel relaxed after using it and would recommend it to others – whether it to be to use on them selves or as a gift for a friend or loved one.

Due Date Pregnancy & Labour Massage Oil              from Ann Bentley, R.M.

“I can recommend the Due Date – pregnancy and Labour massage oil. I have been using it for some time now on our busy labour ward and it is wonderful for back ache labours when baby is in an OP position. Also used during the second stage when baby is putting pressure on the sacral vertebrae when counter pressure relieves the ache. Wonderful scent.” Ann Bentley, R.M.

Due Date Pregnancy & Labour Massage Oil              from Heather Wells

Hi Jan

Thank you for the oil which I think is lovely.  I love the way the oils are supported by midwifery knowledge and by Aromatherapy.

Heather Wells