Foot Loose Soothing Massage Oil                          from Louise Lane

I bought products in Chelmsford from yourself and husband some time ago. I’m now 39 weeks and couldn’t recommend products highly enough. foot oil is amazing and the grapefruit and rose pulse point oil feels like the only thing that’s kept my sanity 🙂 thank you x

Foot Loose Soothing Massage Oil                            from Hollie Kenningham

The foot oil I used towards the end when my feet were aching or swollen and it helped so much! Smelt lovely too!

Foot Loose Soothing Massage Oil                                    from Michael Dolling

I can honestly say that every night I’ve massaged Anna’s calves with the footloose oil she has not woken up with cramps. If I don’t she does! Brilliant!

Like the website btw


Foot Loose Soothing Massage Oil                                       from Alison Raeburn

Attention all ladies suffering with calf cramps!! Massage this oil into your calf muscles each night before bed and you’ll no longer be in pain. I am so pleased I bought this, it’s a great product which smells and feels luxurious.

Footloose Soothing Massage Oil                                      from Shelley

Jan, we used the Motherlylove Footloose Soothing Lotion on my daughter who has just given birth to twins – she found the whole experience of taking time out – pampering with the beautiful relaxing lotion- a real treat and benefit, not only to feet/ ankles / and lower legs but also to her well being of ‘time out ‘ and self preservation x thank you for introducing the product to us – and as a midwife myself I shall recommend the regime to my pregnant clients x

Foot Loose Soothing Massage Oil                                           from Bex

Jon has been giving me a foot massage most nights and its AMAZING.

Foot Loose Soothing Massage Oil                                           from Louise

Thank you Jan
My mum used the Motherlylove Foot Loose soothing massage oil on my legs and feet tonight which was lovely Hope the weekend is a success for you
Best wishes  Louise