Home Birth Today and 1946


Home birth has been in the news recently and after delivering many babies at home in my career as a midwife, <>I was interested in this article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-22888411 This large Dutch home birth study showed the benefits and safety of home #birth for women, who had had previous births. The study identified that women should be attended by well trained midwives, be near a 24 hour consultant maternity unit and emergency transport be available day and night.

I suspect that only when we have more midwifery posts will this happen in the UK. This would enable all #pregnant women to have another choice to where their baby would be born. At the moment home births in the UK are 2.4% of planned births, in comparison to 20% of all births in the Netherlands.

I then remembered the story my mother told me about my home birth, which was just after the war. I was her third child and it must have been a warm July morning, as my father, aunt and uncle sat on a bench in the garden. My mother knowing the bench was under the bedroom window, said she was scared to even make a noise!  My father enjoyed betting on horses, so some money went on a horse called the ‘Child of Dawn’. Of course the horse came in first!  www.motherlylove.co.uk

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