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How to avoid sore nipples when breast feeding

Is expressed hind breast milk more beneficial than ointments?

Mother breastfeeding

Use these simple methods to prevent sore nipples – Your body is amazing

* Make sure that your baby is latched on correctly.
* Make sure your baby is positioned correctly.
* If you are using breast pads remember to change them each time you feed.
* Wear a comfortable cotton bra so that air can circulate.
** Studies compared rubbing the breast milk on your nipples at the end of a feed to using a lanolin based ointment. This study identified that there was better healing with the breast milk and because of this the authors of 4 trials suggested that expressed hind breast milk was more beneficial than ointments e.g. lanolin

Why use breast milk

  1. The availability of the breast milk – Always on Tap
  2. It is free
  3. No side effects

Backed by Science

Around the dark area of your nipple are sebaceous (oil) glands and these glands can appear as very small lumps. They are more noticeable in about 30-50 % of pregnant women. There is a reason for this natural oil, as it is to lubricate and keep the germs away from your breasts Incredible !!
!! But DON’T use soap on your breasts (just water), as you will wash away the oil produced from the glands.
If you have tried these easy methods and the nipples continue to be sore (after 24 hours) contact your midwife or health visiter or breast feeding consultant.
There are many reasons for breast feeding problems. I know this can be vey upsetting and stressful, but seek advice from the professionals. Breast feeding CAN be enjoyable for both you and your baby, but if it isn’t, please don’t fret and please speak to the professionals.
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How to avoid sore nipples when breast feeding

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Jan Bastard About the Author

About the Author, Jan Bastard

BSc. (Hons) complementary therapy/aromatherapy, RN, RM, Anaesthetic Diploma, IAIM.

For over forty years, and over two continents, Jan has worked tirelessly to help mothers have a positive birthing experience. She is also a mother and grandmother.