Pregnant? Worried about Perineal tears? Great Tips for you.

Tips to reduce perineal tears

Great Tips you can use to reduce perineal tears

When pregnant your body begins to get ready for the birth of your baby, hormones (progesterone and relaxin) are softening your ligaments, muscles, perineum and pelvic floor, so they can stretch.

Studies have shown that over 85% of ladies who have a normal birth suffer from perineal tears as their baby is born.

My experience

As an experienced midwife I have found that women are embarrassed to discuss the subject of tearing and this creates another anxiety in pregnancy. Over the years, I have found that pregnant ladies are keen to learn how to decrease tears. They are always  willing to  give massage ‘a go’ in this sensitive area. Having confidence in their bodies as baby is born is always a big bonus. Knowledge is power. Less fear – Relax – Natural Birth

It is important to have confidence and trust in the massage oil that you will use to massage this sensitive area Down Below. Use products that only include natural vegetable oils with no essential oils and are blended to absorb into this area, allows that extra stretch as baby is born.

The advantages of perineum massage

  • By getting to know your body you can have more confidence to deliver your baby. Yay!
  • Massage increases the blood flow to the perineum allowing more stretch and less pain, during the birth of your baby. Amazing!
  • Helps you to focus on letting your perineum open up. This enables you to have a controlled delivery.  You in control!
  • If you have practised your pelvic floor exercises and breathing exercises, this will also help at the birth. More Relaxed!
  • Tears to the perineum are less likely [1]. Big Smile!
    Down Below Perineum Massage Oil Ingredients
    Ingredients used in Motherlylove Down Below Perineum Massage Oil
  • Your perineum is less likely to be painful three months after the birth [2]. Fantastic. Relief!
  • Trying this gives  peace of mind for both you and your baby. Simple!

Always Use

A good quality blended oil when you are pregnant. Remember  you need to look after yourself and your baby so massage oils should contain NO mineral oils & any other Nasties, as oils used on the skin absorb into the skin to increase elasticity. This is particularly important when massaging the perineum. Try it – you have nothing to loose and with a good Down Below Perineum Massage Oil from Motherlylove and a ‘How to massage the perineum Pdf’, plus the knowledge – you have nothing to loose.


  • Massage the Perineum during pregnancy.
  • Start from 34 weeks with a good quality natural oil and massage 3-4 times a week. Simple!
  • Decreased risk of episiotomy.
  • Decreased risk of tears requiring stitches.
  • Happy Mum and Baby after the birth.
  • Use any left over oil to use as a hand massage, as good quality oils are beneficial for all parts of your body. You need the best now. And Relax – Enjoy your baby.

And The Science

  • Kettle,C., Tohill, S. (2008) perineal care BMJ Clin. Evid 2008:1401 (online)
  • Beckham, M. M., Garrett, A. J. Antenatal perineal massage for reducng perineal trauma. Cochrane Database Syst. Rev. 2006 Jan 25 (1).


[/reference]Pregnant – Please inform your midwife or doctor when you are using complementary therapies.

By Jan Bastard BSc. (Hons) Complementary Therapy/Aromatherapy, RN, RM, Anaesthetic Diploma, IAIM.

Motherlylove – Skin Care for Pregnancy and beyond.








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