The importance of Massaging the Perineum in Pregnancy

Massaging the perineum during pregnancy
 Research has identified that over 85% of women having a normal birth suffer some perineal trauma. My experience as a midwife has found that women are keen to reduce the likelihood of tears to the perineum, but this is a subject not discussed openly by women, due to embarrassment.Now studies have shown that by massaging the perineum from 34 weeks of pregnancy, the perineum is less likely to tear in child birth. Also, findings have shown that the perineal area is less likely to be painful 3 months after the birth.Massaging this area in the correct way is as important as using a suitable natural omega rich oil, which will increase the blood flow to the perineum. This will help the perineum to stretch naturally. In combination with pelvic floor exercises, massaging the perineum will give women more confidence in delivering their baby.I have blended gentle oils for this sensitive area and created “Motherlylove Down Below Perineal Massage Oil” containing natural oils that have a chemical structure,  similar to your own skin’s natural oils. This allows the perineal skin to give more easily as the baby is born.I supply a PDf of ‘How to massage the perineum’, when purchasing the oil, so you can get the full benefit of our Motherlylove products. Bastard BSc. (Hons) complementary therapy/aromatherapy, RN, RM, Anaesthetic Diploma, IAIM.Motherlylove – Skin Care for Pregnancy and beyond.twitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+PinterestInstagram 

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