How we make our oils and fragrances

Here at Motherlylove, we always have you and your baby’s health and happiness in mind, from the choice of outstanding natural ingredients in our products to the bottles and packaging that we have chosen. With our very high standards, you can take confidence that our ingredients are blended to benefit you and your baby’s well-being holistically.

Made in the UK

We are proud that our products are made in the UK. We use local companies close to our home in East Anglia for printing, packaging and manufacturing of our products. This reduces our packaging mileage, as we try to find more ways to be greener.

About our oils

Jan’s oil blends include a combination of carefully-chosen powerful carrier oils, which soften the skin and help maintain its natural elasticity. Our range includes a selection of blends for specific uses to support your health and well-being, addressing many common needs during pregnancy, childbirth, and post-natally.

We have also designed many of our oils to contain minute quantities of essential oils, which can balance the whole person. And because Jan is a Midwife and a Registered Aromatherapist, the combinations of oils she has developed can have a relaxing and uplifting effect, particularly soothing the effects of stressful lifestyles.

Each oil can come in many varieties, so we are careful to list each oil and its distinctive ingredients by its own Latin name, so you can be clear which chemical constituents you will be using. Oils contain powerful elements, and it is wise to choose oils carefully. Particularly during pregnancy you should choose massage oils from a qualified aromatherapist who understands the effect of aromatherapy oils on the body.

You can also feel confident that Motherlylove oils are safe to us. All our oils are laboratory tested with gas chromatography for their stability, safety and effectiveness. Our products are also registered in the European Cosmetics Directory.

More about the oils

 Our plastics

Products ready for dispatch

We use clear, durable bottles made of 100% recyclable PET, which is a safe and yet unbreakable plastic. PET safely protects food, beverages, personal care, pharmaceutical and medical products, costs less to transport, and in most uses has a lesser environmental impact measured over its full life cycle than other packaging materials.  We take care with our packaging because ultimately it takes care of you.

PET plastics contain no phthalates and are widely recyclable. We encourage you to recycle your empty Motherlylove bottles at any recycling centre.

We use PET with confidence, but if you would like to know more, you may want to look at the PET website.