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Jan spent over
40 years

Working as
a nurse &

She is also a mother and grandmother.

Jan spent 40 years working as a nurse and midwife, and has helped thousands of women and babies to make a great start in life.

Jan's Research Paper

She’s internationally recognised for her contributions to the medical understanding of complementary therapies, and she was instrumental in the movement in the 1990s toward domino and home births.

Jan always knew that doctors would accept the practice more happily, however, if the science behind it were available, and she has spent much of her career promoting the benefits of natural birth massage aromatherapy. This pursuit led her to earn a degree at Greenwich University, where she obtained a BSc (Hons), Complementary Therapy (Aromatherapy), on top of her extensive nursing, midwifery, and anaesthetics qualifications.

Jan’s academic paper ‘Aromatherapy and Massage for Antenatal Anxiety: Its Effect on the Fetus’ was published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. It was the most read paper in the journal in 2007 and remains on the top-ten reads list in 2016.

Jan’s message

Throughout my experiences I’ve learned that some of the traditional ways still benefit us today, but being a medical professional, I wanted to understand how they worked.

Now to share my expertise as a midwife, clinician and aromatherapist, I have created this range of luxurious Motherlylove products to use at this exciting time of your life.

You can feel confident using our products. Each of our oils is from a specially selected supplier and chosen for its unique properties, then rigorously lab-tested for purity, quality and chemical composition.

We work hard getting it right, so you can unwind, relax and just enjoy using our blends. The range includes beautiful fragrances to lift your spirits, carrier oils to hydrate and sooth, and constituents to pamper, energise and promote restful sleep.

Each and every oil we make is carefully developed with you and your baby’s well-being in mind.

And we’re happy to answer your questions: if you can’t find the information you need about our products on the website, feel free to get in touch.


Jan sign off

Jan's husband, Warwick, has help to build the brand

Meet our experts

Warwick has worked alongside Jan, supporting her in developing her vision for Motherlylove.

Warwick, Jan’s husband, has worked alongside Jan looking after the Motherlylove website, wholesale, export and other e-commerce platforms.

Warwick , a South African by birth, has a BSc(Hons), working as an Animal Nutritionist for his whole career. He and Jan met when Jan was Sister-in-Charge of the Intensive Care Unit in Salisbury, Rhodesia ( Harare, Zimbabwe). It was love at first sight and they were married 3 weeks after meeting and are still happily together after many, many years.

Warwick and their daughter and son (Jessica and Kai) have encouraged and supported Jan throughout the development of Motherlylove. Warwick now manages the website and other web platforms , while helping with the wholesale and export side of the business.

At the baby and pregnancy shows Warwick builds the stand and helps Jan to demonstrate products to the pregnant ladies.

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