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Product FAQs

Why can’t I just use olive oil?

The vegetable oils you have in the cupboard have been treated with high temperatures which gives them a long shelf life, but it kills off the vitamins which occurred naturally in them. Using industrial oils means you get none of the anti-oxidant properties, nor will these oils benefit the skin in the same way that aromatherapy oils would.

How can using oils help me in my pregnancy?

Everyday life for mums to be can lead to stress and emotional tension. One way to help is to relax with a loving, fragrant massage. Using these luxurious oils from Motherlylove, created by Jan with mothers and babies in mind, could help to alleviate the tensions of pending parenthood, plus making you feel good and gorgeous into the bargain.

Are oils safe to use during pregnancy?

If you have had surgery or other medical complications, you should consult your doctor. In most cases the oils we use in these blends are selected for chemical properties which are safe to use during pregnancy.

How can Motherlylove oils help my unborn baby?

Clinical trials have shown how babies can benefit in their growth and development when the mother is more relaxed and less anxious.

Can I blend my own?

We do not advise that you blend your own. Many oils appear the same as the oils we use in Motherlylove blends, but have different Latin names. You must take caution as to which oils you choose. We have chosen these combinations as we know the chemistry and the proportions of the powerful elements are safe to use.

Can I use blends off the high street?

Aromatherapy oils from specialist shops may smell lovely but cannot offer the same assurance of safety and purity during pregnancy. For an effective, soothing, treatment, you should use an oil designed for purpose by a qualified Aromatherapist. All the Motherlylove oils are designed to be safe for use before, during and after childbirth.

Can I take the oils to the hospital with me?

We have used a bag that can easily be put into your case for traveling or taking to the labour ward. The bottles are not too big, so that we can keep the ingredients fresh and vital for you and your baby. Plus the bottles have an easy flip top to use and the right size to hold in one hand for massage.

Can I use your oils during contractions?

An aromatherapy massage can help you and your partner to relax during labour. This can help you physically in aspects such as your breathing, which can extend to other welfare during the birthing process. If you are relaxed, you will enjoy your baby’s birth much more.

Can using the oils reduce the need for pain relief?

Couples who use aromatherapy oils during labour often see less need for outside pain relief. The massage of pressure points can reduce the need for pain relief and increase the bonding of the couple during labour.

Why do you use Baobab oil?

Jan’s love of Africa and its natural elements has led to her including ingredients such as Baobab oil as a carrier to capitalise on its incredible properties of absorption by the skin. Her philosophy in developing the blends using combinations of high quality essential oils and natural carrier oils is to target the specific requirements of the mum-to-be and her baby.

Is your container safe?

We are confident that the plastic bottle we use for our oils is safe.

Delivery FAQs

I have not received my order, what should I do?

We do ask that you allow the specified working days stated above for your order to be delivered. If you have not received your parcel in this time, please kindly check with your Iocal sorting office to see if they are holding the parcel for you. Should they not have your parcel, pleas contact us by e-mail [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you further.

Can I have my order delivered to multiple addresses?

If you would like to send orders to more than one address, please place a separate order for each delivery address.

My order is being shipped outside of the European Union (EU). Will I have to pay customs charges?

If your order is being shipped outside the European Union (EU), customs charges and taxes may apply that you will need to pay directly. Please check these requirements with the relevant authority before placing an order. We may at our discretion require payment by bank transfer rather than by credit card prior to shipping.