Perineal Massage Oil 100% Natural Oils 50ml Bottle

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Award Winning perineal massage oil – Treatment for Labour | 100% Natural Oils & Vitamin E | Unscented | Created by an Expert Midwife | Made in the UK

Lots of women are unsure of using perineum massage  oil, if you’d like to reduce the chance of tearing or trauma during childbirth and shorten your recovery time, our oil for perineal massage makes a difference.

Our perineum massage oil:

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What you need to know

What is Down Below Perineum Massage Oil?

Down Below Perineal Massage oil is a blend of natural oils, chosen to have properties that allow the skin too ‘give’ more easily during child birth. Perineal massage has also been shown to aid the faster recovery if you do suffer any perineal trauma. Find out more about the importance of  doing perineum massage.

A “How to do Perineal Massage” leaflet is include with this item

Why Choose Down Below Perineal Massage Oil?

  • Down Below Perineum Massage Oil is a blend of 100% natural oils with a chemical structure similar to the skin’s natural oils.
  • This oil for perineal massage is fragrance free, no essential oils used for this delicate area.
  • The Jojoba oil and avocado oils used are easily absorbed by the skin, helping to increase the natural suppleness of the perineum 
  • Suppleness allows for greater stretch in the perineum during birth
  • The blend uses gentle oils to massage the perineum especially for this sensitive area
  • Down Below Perineum Massage Oil won Gold Best Buy in the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have a vaginal infection, contact your Midwife or Doctor. Discontinue use of Down Below until the infection clears and then you can start again.

  • How to use and apply perineal oil

    Use this oil to Massage the perineum 2-3 times a week, from 34 weeks of pregnancy for between 5 to 10 minutes. The time you take to massage is just as important than the oil application. Without the length and frequency of massage, you can’t hope to see the same results.

    If you’re still not confident on how to use Down Below Perineal Massage Oil, don’t worry. You will receive a detailed ‘how to massage the perineum’ downloadable PDF with


    Use this oil for perineal massage only as directed. Young children should be supervised. Not to be used around the eyes. If product enters eyes, wash with copious volumes of water. For external use only. Keep away from polished surfaces. Spillage can cause surfaces to be slippery. In the unlikely event of a rash, discontinue use. Those with delicate or sensitive skin should test before use.

Nothing but the best ingredients

Down Below Perineum Massage Oil has been formulated and blended by previous founder, Jan, a qualified midwife and aromatherapist with years of experience. Find out more about all our oils here. 

They are safe and effective for mother and her unborn baby.

Vitis Vinifera (Grape) seed oil,

Grape seed oil is a light antioxidant rich oil derived from the seeds of grapes. This magnificent skin hydrator absorbs completely into the skin and is rich in antioxidants, 50 times richer than vitamin E , neutralizing the free radicals that our skin comes in contact with every day. Grape seed oil contains essential fatty acids, which are paramount for a healthy, glowing, hydrated skin

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil

Jojoba oil is extracted from the seeds and rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. For centuries, women have used this oil to moisturise their skin and care for their hair. Jojoba oil is in fact a liquid wax that can be used as an excellent moisturiser. It is compatible with the skin due to its likeliness to the skin’s sebum and therefore it can penetrate deep into your skin like no other natural oil can do.

Persea Gratissima (Avocado) oil

Exceptionally rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids, this oil is remarkable for its outstanding regenerative properties. It is a natural oil, and is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that will soften and revitalise rough, dry skin. Avocado oil penetrates the skin more deeply than other oils allowing it to transport nutrients through the outer epidermis of the skin and into the dermis for increased effectiveness. Avocado oil is great for all skin types, and is especially kind to mature, sensitive or troubled skin. Nourishes and reputedly repairs dehydrated, scarred skin.

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E acetate)

Vitamin E, is a natural preservative, anti-oxidant and moisturiser. Vitamin E is a natural, safe anti-oxidant that is good for the skin and hair. The anti-oxidants and emollients help protect collagen, encourage cell regeneration and smooth the skin.

Our products do not contain any artificial nasties

  • Free from Parabens
  • Free from EDTA
  • Free from Mineral oil
  • Free from Silicones
  • Free from Phthalates
  • Free from Synthetic fragrances & colours

Jan's Tip

My experience as a midwife has found that women are keen to reduce the likelihood of tears to the perineum during birth. I’m sure that you are exactly the same! I recommend massaging our oil into your perineum up 5 to 10 minutes a day from 34 weeks. After a bath or shower works best. Ladies find that using the oil as recommended gives them the confidence to deliver their babies knowing their bodies. They also feel safe knowing that they have prepared their bodies as best they can to adapt to birth. If you’re having a caesarean section, you can use our oil on scars–ask your midwife when you can use it on your c-section scar. Amazing for an arm and hand massage too to help relax you. If you would like more tips or advice on hand a foot massage, get in touch!

Additional information

Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 105 mm

Vitis Vinifera (Grape) seed oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E acetate)



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9 reviews
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  1. 4 out of 5

    Very good post. I am going through a few of these issues as well..

  2. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    I swear by Motherlylove Down Below perineum oil as I had a 8.2 lb baby and I had only the smallest tear and I really believe this is down to your oil! Xxx

    (verified owner)
  3. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    Let's talk about perineal massage! What do you think about it? Did you try it? . Honestly, I've been putting this off for a bit once I realised exactly what it was. Originally, naively, I thought it was simply rubbing some oil into the *outside* of the perineum. Didn't seem that bad. . Upon learning more and that it could be pretty uncomfortable, I shied away somewhat. A few days ago, we tried it for the first time using the #downbelow oil from It wasn't too pleasant an experience, but I wasn't particularly relaxed. . Last night we tried again and it definitely felt a lot better. I played my affirmations mp3 (thank you @londonhypnobirthing), concentrated on my breathing and tried a different position. Husband is being super supportive and communicated much more this time, at my request. I know there's no guarantee that it'll stop any tears or need for a cut, but it has to be worth trying, right?!

    (verified owner)
  4. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    ??P E R I N E A L M A S S A G E ??: I'm not going to lie to you I wasn't sold on this when I first read about it but I'd bought this lovely oil from and thought I'm going to give it a go. I wasn't sold because it was fear of the unknown. My mum was giving me side eye because she never did it and was fine. But once I explained it she understood the premise. I chose the motherly love oil because of the blend of oils (grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil and vitamin E) and because I'd read reviews (yes I love a review). . The aim of doing the massage is to encourage blood flow, help strengthen and gently stretch the perineum to reduce the risk of tearing during childbirth. I started at 34 weeks as recommended and my first issue was reaching the perineum ? it was another eye opening moment when I realised how big I had gotten. All the videos I'd watched recommended lying on your back with your legs up. Dare I say I felt like a tortoise that couldn't get off it's back ? so attempt number 1 wasn't great. Attempt number 2 went well. I tried lying on my side and that made it easier to reach. The stretching was uncomfortable but nothing compared to what I imagine childbirth will be like. All in all it wasn't a bad experience. That night however, I started getting Braxton Hicks contractions. The contractions occurred after my next couple of attempts so I decided to stop doing it and wait to discuss it with my midwife. After talking to my midwife she encouraged me to continue with the massage after 37 weeks as she didn't want me to continue with anything that causes contractions. I'm keen to get back to it (next week) because there is good evidence behind it and I want to make postpartum recovery as pleasant as possible. My tips after trying it: 1) put down a towel (your likely to use too much oil initially) 2) find a position that is comfortable for you, whatever allows that reach 3) RELAX ??‍♀️ 4) do it after a shower or bath it helps soften the area 5) only try it if you feel comfortable Did you do / have you tried #perinealmassagemassage? Did you find it had any impact on your birth? Phil x

    (verified owner)
  5. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    Excellent products and the perineal massage oil attributed to me not requiring any stitches after I gave birth naturally to an 8lbs12.5 baby girl❤️

    (verified owner)
  6. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    I purchased the down below perineum oil for my second pregnancy after having to be cut during my first labour and having a large amount of stitches and was hoping the oils would prevent this from happening again as the recovery wasn't exactly enjoyable. I was quite sceptical but thought anything is worth a go and it was incredible! I managed to get by with only a handful of stitches and a bit of grazing! I would recommend this to absolutely everyone I just wish I had know about it before! Thank you for making this it was an absolute life saver especially with having a newborn and a toddler to chase around after it just helped everything go a lot smoother and sped up the recovery process

    (verified owner)
  7. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    This was something I didn't do first time round and it made a huge difference to me using the Motherlylove down below perineal oil, which made the whole area feel a lot softer and more prepared for child birth! This time I got away with just a small tear which was a great improvement on last time.

    (verified owner)
  8. 5 out of 5

    The down below oil I used from about 34 weeks, I gave birth to a 8lb 1 baby with no tears no stitches and just a few grazes. I am sure it was down to the oil that I did not tear.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Just wanted to say how effective 'down below' was for my pregnancy. I gave birth on the 24th November to my little girl who was 3 weeks early. I had been using 'Down Below' and as a result I did not need any stitches with only the tiniest of tears. As I had some left over I have now past the bottle on to my sister-in-law to be for her pregnancy. I would recommend it wholeheartedly.