Top Tips for photographing your new baby in Hospital and at Home

Remember to pack your camera

If you are expecting and packing your hospital bag or planning your home birth.  I urge you to include a camera, memory card & batteries on that list.

The moment your baby enters the world your life changes, it is amazing. I love looking back on the first photos of my precious babies.

“Oh I looked a mess” but who cares.

Hey? These photos are for my children to look back on.

They do not need to be perfect images , don’t feel you have to pose for the camera.

Look! Just capture the emotions and loveliness of your new baby , with all their new details.

Here are my top tips to photograph your newborn baby
  • AVOID USING THE FLASH – if you only take away one tip let it be this one.
  • Open the blinds
  • Move closer to the natural light
  • Use a low aperture , the ‘AV setting’ if you don’t feel comfy on manual mode aim ideally for f3.2, f4 or the lowest number you can.
  • Use as much natural light as possible.
  • If you are at home& its super dark you could always stick some white paper over the pop up flash to diffuse and soften the flash.
  • If your partner/husband can , capture the first glance of you looking at your baby, being placed on your chest this will be priceless. You may not feel great but want a time to freeze forever.
  • Wrap your baby in a plain blanket – nothing too bright to distract or cause a colour cast on baby’s face. This will help calm baby and is an opportunity for you to zoom in on their button nose, little lashes and pout.
  • If you can declutter the surroundings so its not too distracting in your pictures. If you have bottles , and cups of tea etc in the background,  try and compose your shot. So you either crop this part out or move it away for a moment.
  • Get up close, capture all those new details , flaky skin, wrinkles , little lashes . If at home make your bed and lay baby on it. If they are settled,  watch them and shoot them taking in their new environment or snoozing.
  • Avoid shooting up his/her nose,  even if your baby is super cute there are much lovelier angles to photograph from.
  • Don’t forget to swap over &  both have picture with your new baby, even if you feel totally shattered and not glam,  your baby will adore these photos !
  • Ask the midwife for a quick family portrait. Try snuggling in with each other, leaving no big spaces between you both , lean/tilt your heads so they are touching to enhance the moment– your first family portrait!

I offer maternity, newborn and baby photoshoots in Norwich , Norfolk. I capture the little details, the emerging personalities of little people. In a natural and timeless way to create beautiful images.

Jess Wilkins, Newborn and family photographer based in Norwich Norfolk.

Email me on [email protected]

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