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Personal touch

It's Jan's personal experience in improving the birth experience that drew her to quantify what she had learned in practice.

Her experience working in extreme circumstances in Africa with limited support or resources meant she understood the importance of returning to traditional midwifery practice.

Throughout her career she has balanced hands-on learning with formal training, and she briefly returned to the UK to earn a Diploma in Anaesthetics. With her growing knowledge over 20 years working in Africa, she quickly became so experienced in all aspects of healthcare that she began running the only intensive care/Coronary Care unit in the whole of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

In 1986 she and her family came back to the UK, where she returned to both community and hospital midwifery. She worked tirelessly in hospital maternity units, encouraging natural births without intervention by using aromatherapy and massage. In 2004 she again pursued the scientific evidence to back her understanding of good practice by earning a degree Bachelor of Science.

Over time Jan found herself blending oils for her pregnant daughter and daughter-in-law, and then preparing blends for the new-born babies as well. She realised that many modern families would like a traditional way of relieving some of the stresses of pregnancy and modern living. In 2011 Jan then decided to take her knowledge to the public, by establishing the Motherlylove company with her husband Warwick.

Motherlylove products are registered in the EU. All the oils are backed by science and Jan’s own research, and she personally manages the product development. The company now offers a range of massage oil blends to help women and children through all stages of life.

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