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It is a known fact that very few babies are born on their due date. Because of this pregnant ladies are advised to have their bags packed and ready to go. It is very tempting to pack every thing, so all pregnant ladies are given a list of what to bring into Delivery Suite for when they go into labour. But have the maternity hospitals missed a few items on the list I asked myself? What would a pregnant woman like to see on the list?

When I see Big Knickers on this list, although very practical for pregnant women, I have that rebellious feeling that I would like to see sexy, but big knickers. As a pregnant woman’s body changes considerably, it is still important to feel good about yourself and instead of ‘old night shirt’, could this be lacy pink night dress? Hmmm, still not practical, but I have known a lady, who I delivered and she insisted on applying full make up, pink nightie, manicured nails and it was her fourth baby. She looked beautiful and obviously felt good, as she smiled between each contractions. It was a very memorable and happy birth for her, her partner and of course baby.

I have also noticed that the list omits a very important item – a flannel. This is important to place on the labouring ladies forehead when she feels very hot and is gratefully received when wrung out in cold water. If she doesn’t want to use this, I am sure her partner would be grateful of the flannel to mop his brow.

I was inspired to create Motherlylove natural massage oils, for pregnancy, labour and beyond, as being a midwife and aromatherapist I felt that the research behind each product was so important, but to feel gorgeous was also important. I was inspired to formulate the blends of natural massage oils for a modern pregnant mum, who has a busy life style.

I feel that every woman deserves to feel radiant and confident in the products she uses for herself and her baby. Having confidence and feeling gorgeous, when your body is changing in pregnancy will benefit you and your baby’s well being. The omega enriched natural oils will protect and soothe your skin, which needs nourishment to remain supple. Your mood is enhanced by fresh feminine scents in the Motherlylove massage oils for a happy mood, soothing and balancing the mind.

The 34 week pack is attractively packaged in a handy reusable clear zip bag that allows the modern pregnant Mum to carry the oils safely with her, wherever she goes. The Motherlylove pack is the ideal size to take with you into delivery suite or on a weekend and contains :-

Due Date Pregnancy & Labour Massage Oil

Pamper Mum Relaxing Bath Oil

Bouncing Baby Natural Massage Oil

Due Date Pulse Point Grapefruit & Rose

A PDf of ‘How to massage in pregnancy and labour’ is supplied on application  to [email protected]


Jan Bastard BSc. (Hons) complementary therapy/aromatherapy, RN, RM, Anaesthetic Diploma, IAIM.


Motherlylove – Skin Care for Pregnancy and beyond.







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