Your baby’s smiling and you are still pregnant

smiling in the womb


I love it when a baby reacts with the peek a boo game. They all have such lovely laughs that it makes me laugh. Young, old, female and male are mesmerised by the very endearing first smiles of young babies. But according to the latest findings your baby has been smiling for a while.

After scanning pregnant ladies, researchers from Durham University have shown that babies make facial movements (smiling and crying) in the womb. As yet this hasn’t been linked with any emotions. It appears that the baby is practising all these movements for when he/she is born.

Pregnancy is a very special time for women and their partners and of course their baby. Getting to know your unborn baby when you are pregnant by using Motherlylove Tums & Boobs Stretch Mark Oil is part of the ‘communication’ between you and your baby. As you massage the oil into your pregnant tummy, you can get to know your baby’s movements and have a ‘chat’ at the same time. Make it a time to talk to your baby and your baby will get used to your voice and Dads.

When I was a midwife, I was always amazed when holding a newborn baby that if Mum or Dad talked, the baby would often turn their heads in the direction of their parents. So reading these findings didn’t surprise me. Enjoy your pregnancy and feel gorgeous at the same time using Motherlylove natural massage oils.


Jan Bastard BSc. (Hons) complementary therapy/aromatherapy, RN, RM, Anaesthetic Diploma, IAIM.

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