100% Natural Vegan Lip Balm & Lip Scrub Set Vanilla 2 x 12g


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Lip Balm and Lip Scrub – Get total lip repair with this duo pack of 2 lip products.

A sugar scrub to smooth away flaky skin and a lip balm to moisturise and hydrate.

If you want to look after your lips, particularly when pregnant, this combination is a great choice.

No beeswax is used. Only plant based butters and waxes in the lip scrub or lip balm.

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What you need to know

A duo pack or Lip balm and lip scrub:

Kissable Lips – Lip Balm will then moisturise and hydrate your lips. Lovely to use during pregnancy. This lip balm has a subtle vanilla flavour.

Sweet Lips Sugar Lip Scrub uses natural organic sugar to gentle smooth away flakey skinned freshen your skin.


When you’re pregnant, your body will change and this is expected by you. Here are some changes to your body that you may experience, morning sickness, craving certain foods and your tummy getting bigger as your baby grows. You have probably expected mood swings, swollen feet and ankles and your breasts increasing in size.

The last thing you didn’t expect is dry, chapped lips and this can start in early pregnancy, lasting to the end of pregnancy.

It is important too choose a good natural lip balm, which should have nourishing, moisturising natural ingredients e.g. jojoba, shea butter etc., to nourish and lock in the moisture.

Our products do not contain any artificial nasties

  • Free from Parabens
  • Free from EDTA
  • Free from Mineral oil
  • Free from Silicones
  • Free from Phthalates
  • Free from Synthetic fragrances & colours

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