Pregnant in Barbados

Seven months previously, our niece and her husband had moved to Barbados to live. We were so happy when the e-mail came from Emma to say she was pregnant and delighted that Em said that ‘our names were on one of the bedrooms door’.

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Barbados Here we Come

Well, it didn’t take long to book our flight with Virgin Atlantic, as it would have been rude to refuse the invitation. We were told that February was cooler (28c) and usually there was little rain. The wellies and macs were removed from our suitcase to be replaced by our summer clothes and gifts for pregnancy.   The flight was very comfortable, good food, flight attendants very attentive and we managed to get seats on the upper deck.

Pregnancy – My Favourite Subject

We were met by Emma and our conversation was my favourite subject – pregnancy, labour and babies – for the rest of the holiday. The sun was shining, blue sky and turquoise sea – it was idyllic. Em and Adam are living in a lovely house and we were introduced to the Barbados way of life straight away and meeting friendly Bajans. I had taken a “Motherlylove 12 Weeks and Beyond pack” for pregnancy, which contains a ‘Tums & Boobs Stretch Mark Oil‘, ‘Down Below Perineal Massage Oil‘ for the perineum, ‘Footloose Soothing Massage Oil‘ for the ankles, feet and legs and a ‘Motherlylove 34 Week and Beyond pack‘ for later on in  pregnancy with ‘Due Date Pregnancy & Labour Massage Oil‘ and a massage oil for baby, ‘Bouncing Baby Massage Oil‘. I explained the benefits of omega rich natural vegetable oils and 100% pure essential oils, which I have designed for pregnant mothers and their baby. I also gave her the leaflets I have written on ‘How to massage the feet, hands, perineum and in pregnancy and labour’, so she could get the full benefit of the Motherlylove oils. I massaged her hands with the very versatile ‘Tums and Boobs Stretch Mark Oil’, which was relaxing and she enjoyed the fresh citrus fragrance.

Barbados Baby’s and Pregnancy Care

On our trips out and about this beautiful island, we saw many small babies being carried in their mums arms. We thought at first this was due to the heat, as the Bajans didn’t use baby slings. I had  lived in Africa where babies were swathed in cloth and carried on mums back, perhaps this way of carrying babies  is unique to Barbados. Emma had found out that they still give enemas to all women when they come into the hospital in labour. Women are also shaved and not allowed to eat when in labour. Emma’s care was by an obstetrician and she was very happy with her antenatal care. She was  19-20 weeks pregnant.

Out and About in Barbados

We had a lovely time eating lots of fish, lobster, drinking wine and the local rum. We went on an adventure Safari in a 4×4 Jeep with fun loving Dwayne as our guide. Due to a very bumpy ride pregnant Emma didn’t go on this tour, but enjoyed the catamaran with Cool Runnings to swim with turtles. We loved Barbados and found lots to do. Breathtaking Harrison limestone caves is a definite must and the St Nicholas Abbey Plantation House and rum distillery, which was built in the 1600’s.

Back home

We flew back to England after having had an amazing holiday spending time with our lovely relies and enjoying a beautiful island with delightful people. Emma and Adam had kindly offered us their guest bedroom, which had enough room for bunk beds to accommodate all of us     Love Jan xxx Jan Bastard BSc. (Hons) complementary therapy/aromatherapy, RN, RM, Anaesthetic Diploma, IAIM. Founder & Mother Motherlylove – Skin Care for Pregnancy and beyond.

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Jan Bastard About the Author

About the Author, Jan Bastard

BSc. (Hons) complementary therapy/aromatherapy, RN, RM, Anaesthetic Diploma, IAIM.

For over forty years, and over two continents, Jan has worked tirelessly to help mothers have a positive birthing experience. She is also a mother and grandmother.